Who We Are




Community Transit Service’s (CTS) is the transportation unit of Anne Grady Services.  Our transportation department’s mission is to provide a quality, safe transportation service throughout Northwest Ohio based on five principles:



  • CTS is a transit provider for the entire community with our primary focus of providing service with the utmost respect and equality of service to all riders.


  • We strive to be a dependable transit provider through effectively communicating and organizing our fleet and drivers to deliver timely service to all riders.


  • It is our goal to provide each rider with the best experience possible from the initial scheduling of a trip to reaching their final destination. Our focus is to ensure all our staff are sufficiently trained to meet the needs of all riders.


  • Maintain adequate accreditations and licensing through local, state, and federal governing authorities to ensure our transit operation is compliant with all rules and regulations.


  • As a licensed transit provider we will offer a range of transit services that can match our individual riders.